★About Wizard Wand★

Concept of Wizard Wand

“Creating a Wizarding World”





“Wizard Wand”,
as its name sounds, our vision is help as “Wizards” to draw all the charms and imaginations
from cosplayers all over the world.


Our company organizes fun and imaginative cosplay
events and tours every weekends in Japan.

We think “ Cosplay” is a magical tool to connecting the world without language.

“Cosplay” will never complete and it will grow as long
as there is imagination left.


We want to grant their needs and wish to help their
imaginations make real in our events.


And we also think helping them can spreading Cosplay
as “New Culture” to the world.


We also emphasizing on regulating manners of cosplay,
to coexist with a lot of areas.


By moderation and orderly management, we will get more understanding from others.

Through “Cospaly” change “people” then change “the


Creating “Wizard World” and keep it magical.

about “Wizard Wand” is filled in these words.