★Tour Cost

・It includes Fuel surcharge, Airport fee, Entry&Exit tax.

・Please note the tour cost might be change if the tax changed.


・You can't name the Airline Company

・You can't name the Hotel. (Your hotel will be around the Ikebukuro Station)(The class will be standard.)

・Break fast will be served everyday.

・Applycations must be submitted by Jan 1st 2014.

・Landing field:London

・Tour conductor will be join only 23rd and 24th.

・at least 6 guests needed to discharge the tour.

   *Please note the tour might be canceled if we have under 6guests 



・The applications will be accepted on a first-come-first served basis.

・Members of your party will be same Airplanes, but please note you can't name Airlines and flight.

・You can't name the Hotel, sorry for the incovinience.

・The shcedule might be changed by local situations.

・All under 20age guest must hand in Parents' concent form

・Your Passport expire date must be 6month after from the departure date. (We are not responsible for your deficiency)

・We are not parerared for the tranceportation to the London Airport. 

・For your safety, please buy traveler's insurance.


★Makeing Reservation

Please check the following before you make a payment and keep this file until your travel completed

Wizard Wand Terms and Conditions
Wizard Wand Terms and Conditions of an A
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